July 10, 2010

a few (new) of my favorite things

Poor Little Irish hasn't seen a whole lot of action this past week. Mostly because there hasn't been a whole lot of exciting and/or interesting news to report. Summer vacation has found us in a full on lazy mood. The weather has been just enough hot that any extra activity makes you sweat profusely and has you wishing for winter again. I must say I heart the sunshine and it's bright, luminous effect on my soul, but I have a strong disdain for the hot heat. I fancy myself a spring time heat, not a desert, too hot to breathe heat. No, not my favorite at all.
This week has also been filled with a poor puppy with a sensitive tum-tum. Franklin has not been feeling well and proof of his upset has been left all over the first floor of my house. It's not been pretty. When he's not proving how bad he feels, he is doing this. (See above) Occasionally, his over-hyper-active sister gets his juices flowing and they bark at passer-bys from the front windows with gusto. Then Crazy Mavis runs off to investigate other people/animals/shadows/dust bunnies/things that make noise/misplaced objects/etc that need barked at or reprimanded in a fashion only Mavis can muster up. And, Franklin goes back to his at-ease/couch lounge position. Oh yes, my friends, it's been great fun.


Since I've been so slack on updating heres and theres, I thought I would share a few of my newest favorite websites. Enjoy!

ModernJune - her oilcloth pennants and her etsy shop make me swoon.

Pretty Handy Girl - a do-it-yourselfer that inspires me.

My Insanity - an insane amount of insane inspirations.

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