July 14, 2010

the day the curls hit the floor

One evening I went upstairs to find Petite Artiste had taken a pair of scissors to her head giving herself some swoopy bangs and some hacked in lengths. I asked her why she cut her hair and she replied with wanting to give her hair to the kids who don't have any. You see, we had watched a program on HBO one afternoon about how Locks of Love takes donated hair to make wigs for children who've lost their hair from treatment.
So the next day, a very nice stylist helped Petite Artiste measure her hair and prepare it for shipping. Then she gave Miss Petite a very big girl hair cut.
I was very nervous at first wondering what we were going to end up. The last time I asked for a cute bob with bangs, my almost two year old baby girl woke up looking like Mia Farrow. That was her last haircut until yesterday.
After the all the magic was performed and my four year old hopped off the chair all poofed and primped, I was very pleased. The curls are in hiding, but the brushing has been much nicer.
She is pretty happy about her new do too. We are going to mail her special gift of hair off tomorrow. I guess Petite Artiste knew what she wanted all along and everything worked out in the end.

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Val said...

aww she's so cute! i love the bob and her hair before