January 13, 2009

congratulations are in order

Remember this birthday cake?
I hosted an Asian themed second birthday party for our residing petite artiste last March. I searched high and low at every Asian bakery this side of Seattle for a panda cake. The best they could provide me with was Winnie the Pooh which made no sense to me what-so-ever. The party I was planning was a small affair and I didn't want to order a gigantic Costco cake. I wanted something small and cute and relevant to the theme. Exhausted, I then remembered my friend, Kristen, and her awesome cake decorating talents. I've been witness to some pretty spectacular birthday cakes of her making over the years. So I took a chance and shot her an email asking her if she would be willing to humor me in my cake decorating plight. She agreed. I told her I just wanted something cute, that looked like a panda. And this fabulously perfect cake was what I got in return.
Kristen put in a surprise phone call to me this morning informing me that she entered this panda cake into a contest and won second place. The win also came along with two hundred buck-a-roos and a showcase in the March/April edition of Simple & Delicious Magazine. How cool is that?! Congratulations Kristen!!

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Carrie said...

That is one CUTE cake! I'm totally impressed!