January 20, 2009

subliminal message

Can you see it?

What about now??


How about now?


We found a house we like after many, many, many months (maybe even years) of looking and waiting. We had been on the fence about actually trying to sell our house and move ever since the housing market went south.
Then a couple weeks ago we saw a house, that we'd seen before, but now it was better. It meets most of our criteria. Not all, but most. So we decided to finally do it.
I've been packing and cleaning and donating and throwing like a mad woman. From morning until I fall dead on the couch, I run around getting ready to list our house for sale. Truthfully, I'm a little sad. We've put so much sweat equity into this house that I hated at first, but grew to love and am now feeling sentimental about. We remolded, stripped wallpaper, painted, decorated and grew our family here. Although I am excited about the blank slate a new house presents me with, I must admit I wish I could somehow hang onto this house as well.
We have a stager coming tomorrow and I'm nervous but excited. Then a photographer comes on Thursday with our realtor. She'll also bring listing papers and then it will become all too real. We go "LIVE" on Friday. And we will officially be up for sale. In which I'll wake up in a panic every morning probably yelling about picking up dirty clothes, making beds, flushing toilets and not leaving toothpaste in the sink. I'm sure I'll be a joy to live with!


Stephanie said...

I totally know how you feel. I was even sad to see our tiny, leaky, crappy little mobile home go before we built our new house. There's memories and comfort there reguardless of whether you 'love the house' or not. Good luck on selling quickly!

Pat said...

You are too funny. "Buy Me" It took me a bit to find it. I kept seeing "Buy Mug"

It's so normal to feel sentimental about a home where you created so many memories.

But you'll create new memories in the new house!