January 4, 2009

love at first vroom

My adorable husband gifted me with a dyson animal DC14 Christmas morning. Now before some of you gasp in horror and wonder why he didn't go to Jared and lavish me with adornment, I had actually hinted I wanted one. It helped that they were on sale at Costco early in the season and our old vacuum was on it's last wheel, plus the cost of bags for the sucker was getting ridiculous!! Ever since the holiday I have been vacuuming every floor in site. A friend once said of dyson, "if you have pets and kids, you owe to yourself to have one". I didn't buy much stock into her statement at the time but I am a true believer now. It is amazing!!

I also received a pair of Uggs and I haven't taken them off my feet since. I love them!!!

1 comment:

Bananas said...

I would ask for one of those but then people might expect me to vacuum. Heh.