March 2, 2008

Happy Second Birthday to Baby Love

First of all, how freaking adorable is this cake. Seriously!! I was disappointed I couldn't get a panda cake for Baby Love's 2nd Asian themed birthday lunch. I even went to an official Chinese bakery and the best she could do for me was Winnie the Pooh. I called my long time friend (who is super talented in the cake decorating department) and she agreed to "whip" something up. The cake was just adorably perfect! Thank you Kristen!! And thank you Grandma and Grandpa for picking it up and bringing it up north. It wouldn't of been a party without it.

The spread!

We had sushi (real and kid friendly versions), rolled sandwiches, noodles for life longevity, tea, rice cakes, pot stickers and egg rolls. Oh and we can't forget the black olives. Miss O and her little cousin are nuts about them!

Baby Love sampling the spread.

Cake time!!

Baby Love blew the candles out as soon as her "happy birthday" song was over. She was so quick, I didn't even get a chance to take a picture. She knew exactly what to do.
"Don't even think about eating my panda cake!!"

After a quick costume change (Baby Love spilled drink on her dress) it was present time. Sissy (The Divine Miss O) opened, I mean helped Baby Love with opening gifts. That's what big sister are for right?!?!

Drink break! Opening presents is a dirty job, but some two year old has to do it . . . .
Now to playing with all the great presents. This puzzle was a hit.
Big brother attack!! Wonder Boy goofing around here. But this a nice snap of the paper lanterns we have hanging in the living room. It's a sickness, I can't help it!

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