January 5, 2009

looks like we made it

Howdy Ho Monday!!! We made it. After four extra days tacked onto the already overly-prolonged winter break, I was starting to become a bit agitated seeing the three inches of snow drop down on my lawn last night. But in true Washington style, the good ole rain swooped in to save the day and washed the snow away. As magical as it was to have a white Christmas in I don't know how many years, I was more than a little ready to see it melt away. Wonder Boy's school was on time. However, Miss O's school was two hours late. So we had some schedule adjusting to contend with. In the end, it all worked out much to my cabin fever relief. Baby Love and I made it to Target today. Yahoo!! I've been scouring stores for Strawberry Shortcake goodies. The retail gods have been looking out for me because as soon as I decided on Baby Love's third birthday theme, Strawberry Shortcake goodness was delivered in the way of dollar bins. Perfect timing!! Speaking of birthdays...with March, June and August special days on their way and Strawberry Shortcake, Princess and Star Wars themes requested, I am in full party planning mode.

Also found at Target?? My favorite yoga pants on sale!!! I bought two!

Shout outs:

Amy: I'm having a blast blogging with you...great idea friend!

Emily and Stephanie: Thanks for being such good pals.

Wendy: Glad things are good...I'll give a ring later baby.

Erin: Welcome back!!

Julie: See ya tomorrow!

Mom: I love you.

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