January 10, 2009

spectacled children

Yesterday was Wonder Boy and The Divine Miss O's eye appointments with our local children's optometrist. Good news, Wonder Boy's eye sight is getting better and his prescription changed. He was diagnosed with Strabismus (not to be confused with lazy eye or amblyopia) two years ago. With the help of glasses, we've slowly started to correct his vision. Does that mean he will grow out of this and some day not need to wear glasses? We don't know. With his new prescription and his current frames becoming too small for his face, he picked out himself a new pair. They are very square with silver and red stripes on the side. I'm a tad nervous about his choice but they were kind of cool. I'm eager to get them back to examine his new look. It will probably take some getting used to.

Last year when Miss O had her first eye exam we became aware of a slight stigmatism in her right eye. Nothing to worry about at the time, but instructed to be aware of it. As expected, the stigmatism became worse and she was given a prescription to her squealing delight. All she cared about was her ability to get PINK glasses with a PINK case. She was also prescribed patch therapy. She has to cover up her "good" eye for four hours a day. The thought of covering up one of her eyes for a good chunk of her day didn't really bother her much. All she was worried about was if her patch would be PINK of course. So she picked out a pair of pink frames with a pink case and pink eye patch. She'll be the best pink pirate princess you've ever seen!!

We get to pick up the new glasses in about 10 days and I'll be sure to take pictures. I would have taken pictures yesterday but I was too busy derailing my three busy little people from the many candy bowls and cookie trays. Why do these places torture me so???


Stephanie said...

Until recently Jared also had to patch 2+ hours every day. They have these great patches that go over their glasses at patchpals.com. Pink, princesses, ballet shoes, fairies etc... Makes it a little more fun. Jared always went the way of the pirate of course, 'argh!' I can't wait to see their new specs.

Erin said...

Thanks for the link!!! Awesome. Right now she just has those sticky ones and they are awful and one plain pink one with a sticker on it. I thought it would be this cool thing and it's just a sticker. :D