May 23, 2008

you know you love me . . . . you know you do

You know you love me! You know it! You do! Don't deny it! Even when I chew up the deck just after you get it re-stained. Or when I poop on the deck because it is so much easier to do my bidness on the deck then walk all-the-way-down to the grass. I've got short legs you know and it gives new meaning to "poop deck". Or when I pee on your carpet, even though I've been let outside 50 million times. Or when I nip at your feet when you are trying to walk away from me. Or when I bark at the vacuum cleaner and chase it around the house while you try to vacuum. OY! That contraption drives me crazy!! Or how about when I chewed on your dining room chair and you didn't find it until way later. Wasn't that funny?? Or when I pop every possible ball filled with air. You know the kids didn't really want that soccer ball and just think about all the fun I have with it. You know you can't resist my nose and my cute beard that makes me look wise beyond my years. But remember I'm only seven months old and I'm still learning the ways. You know you love my silky black hair and my perky ears and that adorable way I stand on my hind legs to get treats. Or how about that oh so charming way I tilt my head when you're talking to me. You love me! You know it! You can't fight it! I'm irresistible. Love Angus

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Pat Wagner said...

Forget everything he just mentioned. What about that tongue!!