May 7, 2008

and then it was purple

Last week our house was painted. We love it! The painters came on Monday to stain the deck. I was out all morning but when I returned home, I realized the painters were here. The back side of the house was all taped off. I heard the blower going and footsteps. After an hour or so, I heard the sprayer going so I went upstairs and tried to peek out down to the deck. I couldn't believe my eyes when I realized they were painting our deck PURPLE!!! At first I thought it might just look like that because it's wet. Maybe it dries darker?? I went outside to talk to the men, but they just kept reassuring me it was the same color as we requested. However, the purple color glistening in the sun was screaming at me. If I had requested a nice shade of eggplant I would have believed them. I just couldn't get over the purple shade. So after a few phone calls, the working suddenly stopped and we wait.

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Stephanie said...

Unbelievable! Do you think the whole time they were painting it they were thinking 'can you believe these people picked purple!?' That's what we thought when our neighbors painted their house bright @ss blue. :D Good luck getting this all worked out.