May 31, 2008

i saw it

The lights go down . . . .

doop doop dooo whop (the beginning introduction music plays)

The people sitting in the packed theater around me start to clap and cheer. I am about to watch. No. Embark on the movie that is . . . . Sex and the City.

It was an event. The theater was full. The ensembles the women adorned themselves with and the jeans the men next to me wore made me giggle. I imagined that all the women in the theater would be on the same menstrual cycle before the 2 hours were up.

Even though I wasn't a die hard fan of the show and I don't own any box season sets, I knew enough about the characters and background. And even that wasn't all that necessary. It was a good movie and I laughed a lot. The labels were fun to google at too.

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