January 4, 2008

resolutions? shmezalutions!

Today was a busy one. I remembered the kids had an 8 am dentist appointment around 6:30 am this morning which meant no shower which also means I'm not off to a start on my 9th resolution. Surprisingly I scrambled enough to everyone dressed, fed, hair combed, and teeth brushed before heading out the door at 7:30 am. The sky was still dark and the commotion from school and work commuters hadn't started yet, so it wasn't hard getting down to Issaquah at all. In fact I made their next dentist appointment at 8 am too which means I'll probably forget about it too until 6:30 am that morning.

It was at the dentist appointment that I was thinking to myself "after I drop Wonder Boy off at school, I'll have all afternoon to veg". That's when I remembered The Divine Miss O has speech therapy Friday afternoons which put a kink in my vegging out plans. After dropping Wonder Boy off, we ran to the grocery store which gave us just enough time to put the groceries away, let the dog out to pee, and dash off again for speech which is also in Issaquah. This time the drive wasn't so pleasant.

After speech, we have just enough time to get back to Wonder Boy's school for pick up because you have to get there a half hour before school is out just to get a parking spot. Otherwise you have to park up the street and walk. Which isn't bad and would probably help with resolution number five but I like to let the girls fall asleep for a little nappy-poo and I leave them in the car while I grab Wonder Boy when school is out. Those are the plans you scheme when you are mom of more than one.

Then we came home, finally. Where I schlep on my 12th resolution and stared blankly at the TV with cartoons blaring. Alas the dirty dishes are still in the sink which is great for resolution number 2, however, I didn't exactly "play with the kids" unless you consider passing Miss O's Game Boy between her and Wonder Boy while they played CandyLand participating in play.

Later, I was surprised when my thoughtful husband offered for me to take off to the mall with a friend. But before you get too excited, although very thoughtful indeed, my feeling is he made the offer because he'll be gone all day tomorrow at the Seahawk game. Never the less, I took him up on the offer and called a few friends with the short notice offer. I ended up getting a last minute hair appointment instead which was just as nice.

I was in bad need of a hair cut to say the least!! As always, I told my faithful gal (who keeps raising her prices I might add) of 4.5 years that I want lots of layers and thinned out mucho grande! I was sort of shocked to see about 3 or 4 inches fall to the ground. But lemme tell ya, my out-grown/looking-like-straw/always-in-a-pony-tail locks were desperate. So I went with it, however, I fear a little bit that I just got the standard mom cut with lots of layers but still long enough to pull back in . . . . yes, you guess it . . . . . a pony tail.

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CreativeMe said...

Ok, I'm leaving another comment after reading this blog entry. You need a break my dear! Sounds like your new year is getting off to a rough start. If you want to get together some night to kabitz (sp???) over tea/coffee/alcohol, let me know!

Your friend,