January 13, 2008

good things

Orange Clean Power Paste

I love this stuff. It cleans my kitchen sink and rids it of stains and scratches. I think you have to order it online now (which I did) because I haven't been able to find it in stores. I used to buy it at Fred Meyer.

Trader Joe's Shave

This cream shave is wonderful. It creamy and leaves your skin soft. Plus it has a yummy honey, mango scent. Yum!

Little Giraffe blankies

My girls love these!!! Baby Love is not usually found without one or two. After she outgrows her "baby love" title, we just might have to call her Linus!!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

No kidding . . . .this thing really is magic. It erases everything from marks on the walls and grime on the frig to stains on the counter and dog nose prints on the window. It's great!

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