January 8, 2008

good citizenship

Wonder Boy was recognized for a being a good citizen at school today. We received a letter a couple weeks ago about it and were told to keep it all hush, hush as a surprise. It was fun seeing his face light up when he saw his clan sitting in the back of the gymnasium.

We aren't really sure what it was he did exactly to earn this honor but a few months back he came home with a couple "praise notes" from school and we are guessing this was the reason. They have something called the "counting jar" in class. The kids take turns taking the jar home and putting a number of like items into the jar. Then in class, the kids take turn guessing the number of items. Whoever gets the number or is the closest, gets to take the jar home to start the process over. One day Wonder Boy and a classmate both guessed the same number. The teacher put their names in a cup and drew the name of who would take it home that day. Wonder Boy's name was drawn and his classmate started to cry. Wonder Boy said he would rather his classmate take it home so she would feel better. I know . . . . . awe!!!! Yes, this little red headed devil has his moments. We were very proud!

You can check out his blog to see his little movie.

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