January 18, 2008

just a couple of lovies

Isn't this print beautiful? I happen to love it. And it looks so cute with the little robin egg soaps (that smell delish by the way) I found in Langley. I thought it would be perfect for the master bathroom (when it's done) with the sage colored walls. I found it on Etsy by a NW Washington artist named Jennifer Lommers. The best part is I ordered this Wednesday and I received it in the mail today (Friday). Plus, Ms. Lommers included a $10 gift certificate for my next purchase. Wow!! Talk about service!! Love it!

Speaking of the bathroom . . . . . J finished putting the tile up in the shower and on the floor. He'll grout both soon. I'll take a picture of the finished result when he is done. Next he'll do the walls. After that it's just installation from the toilet and shower stall doors to the mirror and new lighting fixture. We are getting closer!

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