January 30, 2008

sleep nazi

Last night as we were going to bed, Baby Love woke up like it was nine o'clock in the morning all chipper and bright. She wouldn't go back to sleep in her own bed no matter how many attempts and tricks I used. Being it was almost midnight and I was pooped, I just brought into bed with me thinking it would be sort of fun to snuggle up and snooze with my almost two year old. Oh my gawd! It was like sleeping with a 34 inch tall Sleep Nazi. (NO SLEEP FOR YOU MOMMY!!) She was all over the bed while J and I hung on the sides of the bed for dear life. I was roused awake every 20 minutes or so with a baby body part in one uncomfortable place after another. 1:13 am - foot in my face. 1:52am - head lodged into the small of my back. 2:09 am - no blankets. 2:41 - all the blankets. 3:22 am - hand slap right across my nose. 4:18 am - snoring like a logger! (Okay, that wasn't Baby Love, it was J.) I would wake up in the most horrible positions teetering on the edge of our king size bed wondering how I was going to move Baby Love back into the middle without waking her. Minutes would pass not moving an inch, pondering my pain and if it was worth it to chance waking her up just to get comfortable only to fall back to sleep. At 7:30 am I rolled out of bed with a Baby Love sideways hogging my pillow feeling like I had just sparred three rounds with Mike Tyson not actually throwing any punches but rather running around the ring trying to avoid getting punched. . . . . . or bit, whatever the case may be.

(Sleep Nazi resting up after a long night of depriving Mommy of sleep)

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