January 23, 2008

all aboard

In one word, today was gorgeous!!! Very, very cold but really pretty none the less. After school, we took a drive to the mountain. Well sort of . . . . We drove to Snoqualmie where the train museum is. We explored the big locomotives and toured the little museum area and bookstore.

Cool steamer trunks!

We made squished pennies in a machine in the bookstore. Fun! Wonder Boy loves doing it. In fact, every time we are somewhere new and different, we make squished pennies to remember our visit.

We walked across the street and headed for the Snoqualmie Falls Candy and Cafe. The kids picked out a bit of candy. The cafe reminded me of a soda shop. Wonder Boy observed that everything in Snoqualmie looks old and old fashion.

Then we walked to KoKo Beans coffee shop so I could get a coffee!!

It was a lovely afternoon.

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