December 17, 2007

birthday boxes

I find much inspiration from these two bloggers: Angry Chicken (who, by the way, is neither angry or a chicken) and Wee Wonderfuls. Their craftiness and skills are amazing. Everytime I visit their blogs I am inspired to make something or do something crafty with the kids. I love it!! Angry Chicken posted about the boxes she makes for gifts. I jumped on the idea and created one of my own for Wonder Boy's friend. Someone at the party, whose son also is in the same class as Wonder Boy, asked me to make one for a birthday girl who is turning two. This is what I came up with. An art box with lots of fun little bits and bobbles for a budding artist to get creative with.

I put these little bits together myself and I'm very proud how they turned out. I put small clothes pins, pom poms, wiggly eyes, paper pieces, and small Popsicles sticks in little bags. I love how they turned out.

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