December 1, 2007


On this day, the first day of December, two things happened . . . . . we woke up to snow and we brought Angus home. Yes, we did it! J researched and found a local Scottish Terrier breeder. We headed out first thing this morning and made our way down south of Gig Harbor. It was a trek. We were greeted by two little girls and one boy. Alas we decided to take our little guy home and leave his sisters behind. Sniff, sniff.

"The name's Angus . . . . . now go fetch me a beer!"

He is a quick little bugger and very low to the ground. . . . it was hard trying to get a good, cute picture of him. But believe me, he is very, very cute. Frieda the super mutt is taking it as best she can. We have been paying her with lots of extra love and attention. Angus is eager to play and jump on her, but she isn't having any of that just yet. I hope she can relax and accept him soon.

We got home in time for more snow . . . . . big, huge flakes. It's wet out and not too cold so hopefully it won't freeze and mess up the week.

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