November 6, 2007


My Mr. Wonder Boy has been invited to yet another birthday party. We have two lined up this very weekend. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. I very much love the people and their children in which these particular birthday parties honor, but it feels like our weekends have been slowly but surely eaten up by umpteen parties. I struggle with wanting to pick out the perfect, themed gift without breaking the bank. I usually find myself wondering the aisles of Target browsing all the many overpriced plastic toys. And most times I cave and pick out something just to have something to deliver to the birthday honoree. However, I was reading some of my most favorite crafty blogs and I was delighted and inspired by Angry Chicken. Having not yet purchased a gift for the Sunday party, I rush out to Michael's and put together an awesome art box. I have to say I really love it and I hope the newest member to the six year old club likes it too.

The wooden cigar box from Michael's is adorable. I love it!!

I glued the 49 cent pencil on top for added cuteness.

Inside: lots of fun art stuff including colored pencils, modeling clay, paint by numbers kit, stamps, oil pastels and a sketch book too. So fun, right??

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