December 30, 2007

christmas goodies

I haven't posted any Christmas reviews mostly because I wasn't looking forward to going through all the millions of pictures I took and deciding what to post and what to write. We had a very pleasant and mellow holiday which I am thankful for. The kids woke up to find Santa's surprises . . . . . a skateboard kit for Wonder Boy, a wood barn to corral all her horses for The Divine Miss O and a shopping cart just her size for Baby Love. We then drove down to J's parents' house. We opened gifts with them and J's sister and her family. We got a glimpse of a white Christmas for it started to snow big flakes while we were there. We decided to pack up and head for my parents' house before we got stuck. We ate dinner with my folks with more gift opening. Then headed home. It was a good day.

An awesome surprise from my mother-in-law. An elephant tea pot! I love it!!

A cupcake recipe book and cupcake kit from my sister-in-law. What fun! I'm excited to make some of the yummy cupcakes in this book. Yum!!

My parents gave us this cool game set. It has four games. Wonder Boy and I played Monopoly this afternoon. It was a hoot!

The kids gave me spa certificates. Love it!! I can't wait to go get a facial.

My hubby surprised me big time with this little Zune. I have been downloading music ever since Christmas. I love it!

And my friends spoiled me with lots of little scottie gifts. So fun! I love them.

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