December 30, 2007

not for wussies

Yesterday, we dropped Wonder Boy and Divine Miss O off at Miss O's preschool for a mom/dad day out event. They played hard, went on an adventure hike, explored and had a big lunch with friends. J and I drove to Snoqualmie Falls for a "country breakfast" at the Salish Lodge over looking the falls. It was very enjoyable!!

The country breakfast is a five coarse eating ordeal. They first bring you fruit/yogurt and bread. Then the most delicious oatmeal you've ever tasted. Then eggs and potatoes with yummy, yum-yum bacon and sausage. Last they bring out pancakes. I was so stuffed by the end of it. I only sampled a little of each and tried not to overstuffed myself with each coarse. I drank down the best hot chocolate in the universe as well. This kind of eating is defiantly not for wussies with little stomachs. Baby Love was super good and J and I were overly impressed with her ability to sit through the breakfast. We decided we would get the kids dressed up some special morning and bring them up to eat their weight in breakfast food someday very soon. There is a train graveyard close by and it would be fun to walk along looking at the trains afterwards. I'm sure Wonder Boy would enjoy that.

The Snoqualmie Falls - lovely site!!

Baby Love and I before the eating extravaganza begun.

Baby Love sampling her fruit plate.

Afterwards, we headed to the outlet mall in North Bend and I found lots of treasures at the Eddie Bauer after Christmas sale!!! Yahoo!!

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