December 21, 2011

snowflake lane

We took the kids to Snowflake Lane last night, braving the cold and the crowds. We've lived in the area for about nine years now and this was our first visit. It's good though. The kids are at a super age for it where it all seems magical, but they are old enough that I don't worry as much.

It was reminiscent of Disneyland with the loud, upbeat music being pumped in. The bright costumes and cheery make-up. The dancing entertainers. And, the snow. Oh how Petite Artiste LOVED the snow!!


Afterwards, we flooded into the mall with the rest of the crowd mostly to warm our toes but to allow the traffic to die down too. We hit up the Christmas store while we waited. The kids picked out their annual ornament for their trees. We hadn't done that yet this year and we managed to hit up a 60% sale which I was very happy about. Then we circled around to Cinnabon for a snack before heading out.

This might just be a new family tradition!!

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