December 13, 2011


Mr. Hawthorne and I had ourselves one heck of a super duper weekend. Crashing back into the week was hard! Like HARD. Picture me on the floor kicking and refusing to get dressed for school hard. It's taken me a couple days to come back down from the cloud I was living in. Back to mommy duties and homework hassles.

I can't lie though. I'm still smiling over my new BFF.

A right fine entertainer, with the whitest teeth I have ever seen.

Mr. CeeLo Green.

Yes, that's right, the man behind "F U" and host on The Voice.

I saw him.

In person.

Doing his thang!

And, I was this close!!!

YES!! For realsies!! I actually took this picture (with my cell phone because Mr. Hawthorne wouldn't let me take my camera.) And, I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. Except for the ten minutes or so when the uber drunk woman tried to squeeze in front of me and when I wouldn't let her, she decided to dance, obnoxiously, next to me while jabbing her elbows into my shoulders. We managed to run her off though to the great relief of everyone around us.

After CeeLo, we hung with friends and pretended we didn't have kids, living the young people life.

And, that was just Friday night!!!!

Since the kidlets were down on the farm for the weekend. Mr. Hawthorne and I spent most of Saturday shopping and dining. We were smart too. We made our dinner reservations before we started shopping, so we didn't have to wait when we got hungry. I'm never on top of it like that.

Dinner itself was rather uneventful. We enjoyed broccoli beef and lettuce wraps. Yum! However, just when were about to leave and continue shopping, a stack of (cleanthankgoodness) plates came raining down on me, spilling drinks into my lap. I sat stunned while my pants soaked up most of the liquid. It wasn't left unnoticed by the manager who paid for our dinner, gave us a gift card and offered to pay for dry cleaning. Like I have anything dry cleaning anymore. And, since more shopping was on our schedule, I took my wet butt to the nearest sale rack to buy a new pair of jeans. So it wasn't all bad. We actually closed the mall down too. Haven't done that since I was a teen.

We slept in on Sunday!

That alone needs to be in a sentence all by itself. I mean, when was the last time we really got to sleep in like that? I don't remember so the act alone was pretty significant.

After sleeping in, we sipped on peppermint coffee and wrapped Christmas gifts. Which means, we are completely on top of it this year. Shopping is done. Wrapping is finished. Stocking stuffers are waiting to be stuffed. I feel so on top of it this year. It is really creeping me out!!

Then Sunday afternoon, we picked the kids up. They were worn out and a little on the crappy side. Reentry hasn't been easy for them either. Especially the oldest one. He now thinks staying up until ten o'clock is his new modus operandi. We've somewhat started to hit our stride today. All seems to be running smoothly without any major hiccups. Phew!

After this week, we are on official winter break. The holiday is right around the corner. I'm hoping to enjoy every minute of this vacation with lots of hot chocolate, new toys and quiet days. Wish me luck!

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