December 9, 2011


I opened my comments up (meaning no security hoops to jump through) to make it easier for readers, bystanders, passerbys to leave a note or say hi when they stop in. But instead of getting hellos, I get tons of spam from gobblity-gook threads to click on link for your free pair of Jimmy Choos. It's annoying!

Baby, it's friggin' cold outside!! I am always so cold, it almost hurts. Once I traveled to Michigan to see my long time, bestie friend in the month of February. She told me it would be really cold and to dress warm. Her warnings could not prepare me (at all) for when we walked out of the airport and that kick of freezing air hit me. I have never been so cold, so fast, in all of my life. Except for now. This cold snap reminds me very much of that Michigan February.

Tonight is Mr. Hawthrone's company party. And, guess who is scheduled to entertain and delight the working folk and spouses alike?? CeeLo Green! For reals!! I'm super excited to hear the man in person.

And because of the party tonight, my mom is driving up to take the kiddos back to farm today. I've asked if they can stay through the weekend so Mr. Hawthorne and I can do some holiday shopping. She agreed. Thank you Mom!

Did I mention our little birdie was finally crowned a name? After much thought and many suggestions from the kids like "Greeny" and "Chirpy" and "Larry", Mr. Hawthrone decided on Ozzy. And, it fits him. As he moves around his cage like he is a little bit drunk, he is a very messy eater and we can't understand a word he says. So Ozzy is quite fitting indeed.

Our halls have officially been decked. Christmas tree is up, holiday cards sent, house is tidied, furniture has been rearranged (thank you Lisa!) and decorations are aplenty. I have this creepy feeling that I am really on top of it this year, like mostly prepared. And, I didn't even start in July. I decided a while back I was going to be mellow and not stress over what I might think is expected of me. My goal is to make the season cheery and bright for my little family. Everything else just doesn't matter. This attitude suits me well. And, I like it.

I had my first chiropractor appointment the other day. I was a tad nervous. It really seems like people have super strong opinions about ye olde back doctors. Some swear by them while other debunk their methods as myth. I'm of neither opinion right now. All I do know, is that my neck locked up something awful this last summer where I couldn't move for about a week. Since then, I have had troubles with my movement (read I don't really have full range of movement at all) and I'm sore most of the time. The stiffness comes and goes in waves. But since raising my right arm over my head has proven painful, I decided I had had enough and I needed to try something. I haven't been adjusted yet but all the xrays and scans say I'm wacked. So I'm eager to get this show on the road and see if some back cracking fixes me right up.

My constant quest to organize and declutter my homestead continues. You will know where I've been by the piles of 'I-have-no-idea-what-do-with' have been left about like a trail of breadcrumbs. My work is mostly powered by peppermint coffee and brief intermissions of facebook for comedy relief. I have some really funny friends which I love!

A while back I might have mentioned I applied (and was awarded) my very first passport at the age of thirty-cough-something. I know, a world traveler I am not. However, I believe I am going to start the new year off right with a trip to Costa Rica. Si! That's a good place to start my world traveler status methinks. My mom is going on a business trip and I am tagging along so it won't be the beach resort most might picture. Mom works with horses so we are traveling to farms and site seeing will include the jungle and volcano. The gal that hires my mother calls it 'the real Costa Rica' so I'm rather excited to witness this in person. Plus, Costa Rica is warm!

That's about all the rambling I can think of to ramble on about. Until we meet again my cyber friends, enjoy your holiday season. Make is cheery and chill!

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