December 9, 2011

just when i thought....

.....I had everything under control, more or less, I show up to school to be confronted by "that" teacher face. You know the one, that look that things aren't so hot on Mount Peerland. I could feel my smile fade and I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach as I uttered the words "uh oh, what happened?" Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I never wonder to myself what might have happened "TO" El Fuego because I know it is always something El Fuego has done. For the most part, I am about eighty-nine percent correct in my thinking at any given chitty chats with thee educational units. Oh to be a red headed, ten year old boy!

Didn't I just say two posts back how my son is a mixed bag of charisma and wit coupled with a mischievous spirit? And, how I have to work my backside off to be a step or two ahead of him? And, how frickin' exhausting that is?! Yes, yes I did.

Well, there it is. Just when I thought I was cruising along and things were peachy-keen I was told my devilish son with a heart of gold pantsed a boy at recess. You read that right. Pulled another kid's pants down. Oh the hilarity of it all!!!

(help me!)

Luckily, El Fuego's teacher really is the best ever. And, having two boys herself seems to show pity on me. For which I am grateful. She seems to take everything in stride. Having been at this only ten years myself, I've learned to roll with it.

Up next?


Oh gawd! Looking forward to that conversation.


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