May 9, 2011

preschool mother's day tea

This is the very last year of preschool for my wee family. A chapter about to close. Next year all the kids will be at the same school with the same schedule. And although I am giddy about having the kids all in the same place at the same time, it is bittersweet we are doing all these preschool things for the final time.

Miss Petite loves her little school. It happens to be the messiest, most hands-on, critters everywhere learning center around. It's part farm, part wetland, part school, part fun. Every day I pick her up she is covered in some sort of substance from paint to mud. And, she is usually wet and dirty from playing outside. All of which she enjoys completely.

Being the baby of the family I always anticipated Miss Petite struggling with being left at school. But that's not been the case. Ever. If there is one thing this girl has got, it's confidence. She burst at the seams with it.

Preschool Mother's Day Tea last week.
Miss Petite and her class sang songs and handed out their gifts. It was all very cute!!

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