May 13, 2011

a little bone to pick

You know what really bugs me? When people ask questions but have no interest in your answer. None. In fact, their lack of interest is so evident on their face that it makes you feel almost insecure. After which, you realize the only reason said person asked a question in the first place was to talk about themselves or their endeavors. So annoying. Nothing truly drives me more crazy than that. I mean, really!

However, there are lots of things that don't bug me. Including the lovely weather we had today. I didn't even wear a coat. Can you believe it!?! I couldn't. I'm crossing my fingers we move into warmer temperatures very soon because I am over this wet weather.

Things I love right now:
  • Skinny Carmel macchiatos
  • funny movies
  • Fabulous photos of my kiddos
  • Great friends!
  • Sunshine
  • sleeping in
  • Facebook
  • Garage sale season
  • my Windows 7 phone
  • texting!
  • Weekends
  • freshly groomed doggies
  • Party planning

Something I'm not really proud of, however, is how I felt after hearing some unfortunate news about an acquaintance. It wasn't that I was happy something negative happened. Not at all. What it was .... was how much better I felt when the news made me quickly realized my wee family is okay. Let me explain. Sometimes, upon meeting people, it seems (on the surface) like they've got it all. You know what I mean right? Nice house. New cars. Sweet family. Successful businesses. Money!

Now we all know or have heard, "money can't buy happiness"..... yadda, yadda, yadda. Whoever made up that saying probably didn't have money because I think having a few extra bucks in my pocket would make me pretty darn happy. At the very least relieve some stress.

Anyway, with that said, once in a while, those nagging insecurities creep in and gnaw on your brain a little bit. I am totally guilty. I'll admit it. I don't like it when I let it happen. But it's true, sometimes when I'm tired and I've not got my wits about me, I let things bug me, just a little. Hearing the news today though, made me understand we are fine. My family is fine. And, that, made me very happy.

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