May 17, 2011

gr8 sk8

Roller skating is making a comeback, especially with all the awesome-ness roller derby girls. Last year, the kids' school had a fundraiser at our local skating rink. Boy, did that bring me back. I have fond memories of going to our local Skate Land back in the day. Even though the two skating rinks (the one from my childhood and our current neighborhood rink) are cities apart, they are one in the same. From the smell to the decor to the skates to the carpeted mushroom shaped seats. I was instantly a kid again and loved everything about it.

Being thrown back into 80s rad skating scene stirred up the party planning juices. I only had to twist Miss Divine's arm a little bit for her to agree on a roller skating 8th birthday party. Actually, no twisting involved. She was very much keen on the idea.

With her 8th birthday now less than a month away, I've started to whip this party into shape. My first stop for inspirations and ideas is the Internet which has left me a bit disappointed. I've binged and googled over and over again only to come up dry. I've searched every fave party blog and was left empty handed. Normally I'm flooded amazing tips, but not this time. I resorted to browsing images after searching "roller skate birthday party" and I found two blogs, both with cute ideas.

First is Junk Mamma's adorable skate centerpiece. Although I'm not going with the Hello Kitty theme, I instantly fell in love with her idea of putting flowers into the skate. Genius!

Next is Urban Daisies cute party favors. I love how the party theme was all tied together. Well done!!

Today I spent the better part of the morning searching every craft and party store for any roller skating goodies. I'm sad to report, there is really NOTHING out there. With a little brain storming and creativity, this is what I've got so far:

I found these adorable t-shirts at The GAP. One for Miss Divine and a matching top for little sis.

I've had these skates for about two years now. Found them at a garage sale for eight bucks. No joke! And, what do you know, they totally fit Miss Divine.

Favor bags turned out pretty cute. I found a skate photo online and printed it out on sticker paper. Inside we've got rainbow stickers and ring far. I'm hoping to score a few more goodies for the kiddos. I've been somewhat stumped on this one.

Adorable charms found on Etsy. I love them!! My plan is to make them into necklaces for the girlie's.

And this is our party invitation from Tiny Prints. Which is pretty darn fabulous!

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Lisa said...

EG you are amazing!!! Love it! So creative. You could become a party planner.