April 29, 2011

the royal wedding

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this morning? I did not. Well I didn't get up at the crack of dawn to watch in my time zone. This week my 'mommy germ shield' had malfunctioned and I came down with another cold. That makes two in about three weeks time. So while William and Kate were sealing the deal, I was sufficiently knocked out with a bit of NyQuil trying to sleep off this congestion and scratchy throat.

I did, however, wake up at a normal time, sent the big kids and husband off, pour myself a spot of tea and watched the recap of all the hub-hub. It looked lovely I must admit. Her dress was fantastic. The fashions and hats were fun and funny. It all made me want to hop across the pond to visit.

I've always dreamt of trips to Ireland, Scotland, England and France. I suppose I should get a passport first though, huh. And, maybe winning the lottery would help as well. Since all that awesome travel takes a bit of coin to make happen.



In other news, I must announce that at this very moment here in the Pacific Northwest, it is NOT raining. Spring has not been fun this year. It's been cold, grey and wet. I need some vitamin D to perk up my mood. I am really over it.

The good news is it's Friday. My day off. I don't have to be anywhere or do anything. I tend to lounge around in my jammies on Fridays and clean house. Which probably doesn't sound like a blasty blast, but it is enjoyable to laze about and tootle around the house. Lately a gigantic purge mood has come across me. I want to sell and toss everything that is not being actively used. I want my garage cleaned out and my house clutter free.

I just pulled all the outgrown kid clothes I have been storing into the living room pooling it all together. My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw everything in one room. I've been storing a lot of stuff y'all!! Like, it shocked me. And, I am surprised at how much boy stuff I still have. Amazing!!

My plan of attack (because the reason I hung onto these items is they are name brand clothing items and I didn't want to just drop them off at a donation site) is have a kid clothing sale. I'm going to organize everything. And, invite everyone I know to my 'once in a lifetime, semi annual, everything must go' 2 dollar sale. That is everything is just two dollars. I've got girl sizes and boy sizes and baby sizes too. Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter items. Shoes galore too.

So how did this post go from wedding talk to kid clothes? Good question. I guess that's where weddings end up in long run don't they. Kids! I wonder when the talk will turn from Royal Wedding to Royal Baby news?

Until then, Happy Friday!

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