April 7, 2011

birds and bees

I recently found myself at an Usborne book party and I spied these two books. The older kids are getting older and hormones have quietly slipped into our homestead. All the sudden we have smelly body parts and weird emotional outbursts. It's been a shock to my system I must admit.

I ordered a boy book and a girl book. At first I had a slight reaction to just how forward and graphic these books are. It's out there...all of it. But I'm firm believer that education is power. And I very much want my children to be educated on all things including what the heck their bodies are doing. I think they can deal with all the changes and mood swings if they can understand why. My plan is to ease into it. Go through the books together and then let them digest all the information.

I really do think these books are good tools to have on hand when your children start asking questions. Up to this point I've been very science experiment about it all. Giving the basics in terms my kids could understand. However, the time has come we stop skimming the surface and talk about the facts. Wish me luck.


Carrie said...

Good luck! I'm not looking forward to that day...hehe

Stephanie said...

OMG hormones already?! Is it that time already???? I just got done with mine I thought lol!!!

Jaimie said...

Yeah, I have quite the story to tell about finding books to help my kids understand this part of life. I went on the library web site and picked about six or seven books to look through before reading them to my kids. All I found was a book on stick figure porn!! The rest were way too much. No joking. I finally settled on a Berenstain Bears book. I go into it a bit more and more each year.
I read somewhere that the more the parents bring up, the more the kids will be inclined to ask the parents questions instead of their peers.
It's always great to get a book recommendation. Thanks!