April 25, 2011

weekend wrap up

I don't know why but I always feel like I need to apologize at the beginning of every post lately. Not that you are waiting with bated breath for my next jumble of rambled words, but because I've managed to let a good chunk of time lapse between every post. I want to blog and have interesting things to say, however, I must admit I've just been too pooped. I've been logging in a lot of couch time recently.

Easter weekend was a blur. Very low key and mellow, but full of activities. Which was why it was blurry and went by way too quick.

Saturday woke us up with the most beautiful weather. (A very unusual occurrence in the Pacific Northwest.) Birthday parties, baseball games, egg coloring and a night out on the town kept us busy.
(More on the night out soon.)

On Sunday, we were back to the cold, rainy darkness. Mr. Hawthorne and I laid in bed while the kids dug into and compared their Easter baskets while consuming chocolate around us. We finally got ourselves up and took the kids to a matinee showing of Hop.

Then I went grocery shopping while Mr. Hawthorne and the kids did yard work. Exciting huh?! But I'll let you in on a little secret.....Easter is a perfect time to see a movie and go grocery shopping!! (pssst, no crowds)

I hope your holiday was full of family and friends!!

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