April 12, 2011

no belly itcher

This season has been a brand new experience for El Fuego in the world of baseball. He is now on a AAA team which means kids play all positions and the coaches simply coach. It also means there are wins and losses, not to mention all the league rules about playing the sport. Which I think is actually harder on the parents than the kids. I think it's a fabulous way to learn some valuable life skills. We can't all win all the time. Sometimes we have to sit on the bench. Being a good sport and a team player and learning from our fumbles is how we grow and mature.

El Fuego has tried out his pitching arm a few times and with each time on the mound he gets a little better. One of the dads from the team took some great action shots of our guy doing his thing. This picture is my favorite. I'm going to save it so I can remind El Fuego how he can earn himself a college scholarship.

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