December 22, 2010

letters: dear miss divine

Dark chocolate colored hair. Dimples. Big, brown, almond shaped eyes. Full lips. All qualities that are noted as traits of beauty. But what is most beautiful about you, my tender-hearted girl, is how humble and innocent you are. You are one of the sweetest people I know and my world is simply more magical because you are in it.

And, magical you are. You have a way about you that is gracefully clumsy. Those long limbs of yours seem to cause you more hindrance than help. You are never without a bruise or two and you often remind me of that old idiom about a bull in a china shop. Even your birth was somewhat inept. It looked like your appearance would be a long ways off, and then all the sudden you were flying into the room. The doctor even had to do some fancy footwork and body blocking to make sure you didn't land on the hospital floor. Once you recovered and we all got a look at you, smitten doesn't describe the swooning done in your favor. Your stumbles are sometimes laugh inducing but, your recoveries are pure awesomeness.

You've been spending a good part of time in your bedroom these last few days. Creating and imagining and developing and pretending and drawing. It's enjoyable to see what you come up with. I especially love to watch when you pull your brother and sister into these fantastical worlds you design. I know these are memories they will always remember too. You see, my sweet, you have a certain je ne sais quoi about you that attracts us all. And I thank you for sharing it with me.

Love always!

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