December 17, 2010

letters: dear petite artiste

Like your siblings, you needed some coaxing to enter the world. But, unlike your siblings, we didn't wait an additional week to see if you would say "hello" on your own. On the day of your late great grandmother's birthday (which was also the day you were due to arrive) we gave you a push.

You were the smallest and the most alert but also the loudest. This caused the nurses to joke about having to be the loudest being the fifth member of our family. I will say this, however. You have never had trouble getting your voice heard. You've always embodied this huge personality in your little self. You possess a quality of knowing what you want, when you want it. Stubborn I dare say. Besides your birthday, you've never been forced to do things that weren't on your agenda. Like crawling and walking for instance. You had us all concerned about your time frame on these milestones. Your pediatrician had me take you to physical therapy every week because you weren't crawling or walking the month you turned one. You simply enjoyed being sat down in the middle of the room, with toys, dogs, playmates all around you. I believe you were quite keen on having your needs met by us around you that the whole walking thing just didn't register on your to-do list.

At four, your personality and schedule for things all adults deem as important hasn't changed much. And, being the third child, I don't agonize so much over your willingness to memorize math facts. You navigate life in your own beautiful, tactile way that is both inspiring and breathtaking. And, you always seem to prove the adult world wrong which I admire wholeheartedly.

I love you!

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