December 16, 2010

letters: dear el fuego

From the minute you were born you have been surprising us kid. From that florescent glow that engulfed your head to your fascination of anything mechanical or computerized or with buttons; like other people's house alarms or the machines of those ginormous blow up obstacle courses at those warehouse bouncy establishments or remote controlled mini-blinds and windows with cranks or refrigerators with ice and water makers on the front door. In other words, you've kept us on our toes from the day you figured out locomotion which, P.S., was right around four months of age for you my little friend when you would roll yourself around from room to room. You are a mover, a can doer, a self-motivator. You. Are. El Fuego!

Today you came off the bus feeling sad and upset. At the ripe ole age of nine, you are finding yourself on the cusp of those tricky pre-teen years. Some really smart person somewhere, coined the phrase "tween" which refers to the ages between 9 and 12. And you, my darling, have embarked the good ship hormones and are navigating those choppy seas. Officially. Although, you might not understand these spikes of emotions that seem to rule your existence right now, I want you to know I do. I fully understand how at times, days seem unbearable. How nothing you do seems right. But, I'm here to tell you everything will be alright. You WILL be alright. And, I love you! Oh man, how I love you!

Your wit catches me off guard where I find myself laughing uncontrollably. Your intelligence makes me proud beyond belief. Your sense of self leaves me in awe. Your charm and confidence makes me smile. You. Are. El Fuego!

I accept every challenge you throw at me my child. I will do everything in my power to make sure that unique essence of yours shines through. I will always, always be standing in your corner even if it feels like I'm being tough on you. It's my job to hold you up and encourage you to fly. Although, you've been an independent soarer since the day I met you. You are, after all, El Fuego!

Love mom

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