December 6, 2010

christmas tree 2010

In the spur of the moment this last Sunday, we decided to head up the side of the mountain and scout out our Christmas tree for the season. This holiday has completely snuck right up behind me and I haven't been prepared at all. Rain is looming in the forecast so I rustled up the troops and we wrangled up a tree before they were completely picked over. (People start decorating early around these parts.)

Sometimes last minute plans are the best and this was no exception. We had a great time as everyone was in a good mood. It was late in the afternoon so the tree farm wasn't as crowded. El Fuego cut the tree pretty much all by himself. He was very proud.

Very recently I have really come to the realization how my family of five quietly entered a new phase. We no longer shop in the diaper section. We only have one booster seat in the car. I can take all three kids into a store and not have everyone strapped to something in fear I will lose one. We talk through problems and work together. I don't break out in cold sweats when a tantrum ensues. And we overall seem to have more fun together than we ever have had. It is amazing and I am in awe of my little clan.

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Stephanie said...

What a great day!! Isn't amazing to see your little family grow right before your very eyes?! I love it!