December 1, 2010

happy birthday mr. hawthorne

Mr. Hawthorne's birthday was Monday. He went to work after a week long vacation and we all went back to regular schedules with school and what not. However the special day was not forgotten. The kids and I made a special dinner and sampled the most delish grasshopper cake in honor of Mr. Hawthorne.

I've been super lazy about getting the pictures off my camera and blogging. My apologies. I finally took some action this evening. Upon inspecting the pictures I found this gem which embodies my family in a nutshell.

Yes Miss Divine's laugh is just how it looks; loud and boisterous and oh so contagious. El Fuego is a cut up, always cracking jokes and looking for the funny. And, Petite Artiste is most often found in summer clothes (to my dismay) and cheesing it up for the camera. How I love this kooky bunch!!

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Stephanie said...

That is a great pic of your family!!! I love that you can literally 'see' her laugh! Happy Birthday J!!