September 19, 2009


Did you know when Scottish Terriers are born, their ears do not stand up? Did you know Scotties ears are not docked? In fact, as they grow, their ears slowly stand up all on their very own. The whole business of docking and cropping of dogs makes my tummy a little queasy, but that's another story. When we brought Angus home, his ears were already standing at attention so we didn't get to experience the one morning opening up his crate door and finding a new appearance staring back at us. (Ugh, the amount of missing that dog I feel is hard to measure!) However, on the day we brought Franklin and Mavis home, ears still droopy, we were excited to have the opportunity to watch their many stages of growth. Franklin's ears are now officially both up. And, he reminds me of a mixture of Bolt and a cute fuzzy polar bear.

First day home::droopy ears

day four::one up, one to go

one week home::both ears up

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