September 21, 2009

clearly, the brains of this operation

Yesterday was the official one week celebration of the puppies being home. They are 8 weeks old now and clearly Mavis shows us who the mad scientist is between these two. She's already figured out the system. She rings the bell to go outside...sometimes because she has a job to do and sometimes because she just likes to play outside and chew on the tree. Franklin mostly just follows her lead and constantly tests his boundaries for chewing on stuff.

In fact if we could read his thought process, it would probably sound something like this: "What can I chew? What can I chew? Can I chew on this? How about this? What can I chew? What can I chew?"

Mavis on the other hand would sound more like this: "Hmmm, how do I get my people to open the door? The bell??? I understand now...yeeesssss....I ring the bell and they let me out! Aha!! Hmmmm, how do I get up on the couch? Let me see...What if I bite their foot? No!! That doesn't work. What if I stare really hard at my people with this adorable look? Tilt my head??? Eureka!! It worked!"

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