September 12, 2009

call us crazy

We've talked a lot about getting two puppies recently. Living without dogs has been hard. Losing Angus, and then Frieda, so suddenly was even harder. With things looking good with the house we thought we would research pups and contacted the breeder we got Angus from ... ya know, just to see if she had any litters on their way. To our surprise, she did. In fact, they would be ready the following week. This week!! She sent us pictures and we talked back and forth. We've decided to get the one black female and the one wheaten boy. (She also has three wheaten girls, but we can't afford to bring all five home. Plus, THAT would be CRAZY!!) We are driving out to pick up our newest family members tomorrow. I am very eager to meet them.


Stephanie said...

They are so stinking cute!! It makes me feel like I cannot wait to get our puppy! And I love the names you picked, we're still choosing ours.

Stephanie said...

The same thing happened to us. My mom and brother have pups from the same litter. I told my mom I we decided on the Miniature Schnauzer like Jack and Maggie. She called her breeder and they just happened to have just had another litter. So fun! 1/2 brother and sisters they will be! PS Jeff said you should have named them Salt and Peppa.... This is why his isn't in charge(per se) of naming ours. ;)