September 1, 2009


This morning, we successfully delivered one 2nd grader and one kindergartner to the local elementary school. The morning went off without a hitch except for leaving the front door unlocked and wide opened. A fact we didn't discover until after we successfully delivered said 2nd grader and kindergartner.

We were all smiles this morning...

However, once we got to school, El Fuego became a tad nervous and didn't talk much. I'm here to report he really, really loves his shoes and getting to wear them today just might have been the highlight of his day.

Miss Divine was practically an old pro at this game and she was ready to get the party started in spite of the two girls that were crying and clinging to their parents. I saw her brow crinkle for a brief second. In reading her expression I knew she was thinking "should I be scared too?" But a quick kiss and plead to smile for the camera brought out the girl we know and love.
See? There she is!!

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