August 4, 2008

:: camp loot ::

I'm having a really hard time believing my little boy is going to be 7 years old in two days.

This Wednesday!


In two days!


Soooo crazy to think about!!! Can you believe? I can't!

Score!!! Our little campers get to take some fun things home with them after Wonder Boy's party on Wednesday. They will each each get a drawstring bag complete with camp logo, a canteen, also with camp logo, a flashlight, compass, trail mix and a granola bar.

I'm pretty please with how the canteens turned out. I bought the only canteens they were selling on Oriental Trading Company but they had an ugly army sticker on both sides. So we did a little embellishing.

(Miss O modeling the backpacks for me.)

J ordered the cake this morning and this is the first time I've had no involvement with the cake. I just told J to ask for a camp theme and Wonder Boy picked out the flavor and what he wanted his cake to say. I'm eager to see how it turns out and you betcha, I'll post a picture. I am planning a little scavenger hunt for the birthday cake. We'll send the campers on a goose chase to hunt down the dessert. I think it will be lots of fun!!

We are off to buy a little four man tent tomorrow to complete our camping extravaganza. We have a huge one but we put it in storage and I completely forgot that we had done that until tonight. It was the plan to have the tent in the backyard for the kids to hang out in. Play in. Be the back drop for the party, et cetera. We had wanted to buy a smaller, easy to pop-up tent so J could take the big kids camping by himself. So even though I know I go a little crazy with the party themes and all, I'm not that crazy buying a tent just for a party. Cut me a little slack people!

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