August 23, 2008

still on hawaiian time . . . . well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

I know, I know, y'all don't want to look at my toes anymore. I get it! And I apologize. I have so many pictures and stories to share like the weird "Blair Witch" stacked rocks on the trek to Nakalele Blowhole that have no meaning to the locals, but apparently all the tourists think they do. Or the fun Boogie Boarding and snorkeling we did. And posting the video of the ghost of Annabelle or the video of the very funny magician, Warren. Or the story of our adventurous trip on The Road to Hana. Good God, it's amazing we are alive!! And the gecko that lived in our condo bedroom and wanted to offer us ways to save money on our car insurance. Or the many sunsets we enjoyed and the fabulous mai tais. M'm, m'm! And my theory on "Hawaiian Time" and the time warp Hawaii seems to be in. Or the gigantic joke natives I believe are playing with their unpronounceable street names on the silly tourists and retirees who move there. Or how the air was oh so sweet, you could taste the salty guava on your lips. How I loved every moment of it (although my hair didn't) and in spite of the five pounds of SPF 50 I applied to my skin every hour, I still managed to get burned. But it was all worth it, I tell ya, all worth it indeed.

Ahh yes, so much to say . . . . . but it seems to be getting all jumbled up in my mind. I've been unable to get all my stories out in coherent, witty fashion. So I've left you with a picture of my feet baking in the sun for four days now. I've probably lost my five readers to the demise of toe jam because I've been too lazy to post something, anything. I know when I check back to my favorite reads and see the same words or same picture staring back at me, I get a little cranky. I love checking in and seeing what's new and I'm sorry if you've been clicking in only to see my puffy, unpedicured, piggies, yet again.

I promise I'll be getting back on the bloggy band wagon and roll into blogville again very soon. The kids are going back to school next week and J and I are about to enter the world of "selling our house and buying a new one" very soon so I'm sure to have more adventurous and rants to share very soon. Until then, I'll leave with how I found the girls tonight . . . . . ya gotta love that sistery cuteness going on right there!!!

The Divine Miss O has so many stuffed animals and blankets and dolls in her bed, it's a wonder Baby Love even fit.

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