August 16, 2008

:: hawaiian time ::

This is pretty much what we did today (in a nutshell). We enjoyed the sun and the surf. Snorkeling and playing around with boogie boards is the best! We've been on the go since we got to Maui, so we decided to slow it down and relax a bit today. After we played in the water and soaked up some sun (translation: Little Irish's very Irish skin got burnt to a crisp even after using mass amounts of sun block), we walked downtown Lanaina and saw the ginormous Banyan Tree. We took in a Happy Hour in a cute little place with an awesome view while a one-man band played many good tunes. So much fun! It was there, when I stopped to make a pit stop, I realized my fun in the sun left a lasting impression on my backside.
We are eating dinner in tonight. J-man is down by the pool cooking our entree at the BBQ as I type. I have tons of pictures and stories but I'm too pooped to go through it all and come up with witty antidotes. So I'll leave you with "Aloha" my friends!!

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Pat said...

Looks like you're having an awesome time! And a much deserved rest. Nice!

I love that last picture of your feet! Cute.