August 28, 2008


Here is my official Maui vacation summery in pictures.

Let's begin . . .

We drove into the clouds,

and when they blew past,

this was revealed!
Behold!!! The Haleakala Summit. Truly a site to see.

We had breakfast company at the Gazabo. Actually this birdie has lots and lots of friends but she was the only one who held still long enough for me to snap a picture of while we waited for our macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup to arrive.

Here's the Gazebo restaurant from Napili Bay where all the cool tide pools were.
Sea Urchins galore!!

We dared the Road to Hana.

Don't be fooled by J's smile, he is white knuckling it all the way. The speedy locals and the one lane bridges made for quite the adventure.

Hana itself was pretty whaa waa wa. (Insert Charlie Brown's teacher's voice). I wouldn't go to Maui as a tourist to stay in Hana. But along the way, we saw some pretty amazing sites.

Like jungles straight out of the old Vietnam movies.

Windy paths to awe inspiring look outs.
The smell of guava was so thick, I spent many minutes just breathing in the sweet goodness. We stopped at the Garden of Eden along the way to Hana and it was by far my most favorite stop. In fact, if we had known, we could have called it quits right then and there and saved ourselves hours on the narrow highway to nowhere-ville.

On our trek to see the Nakalele Blowhole, we encountered thousands of these stacked rocks. I was immediately reminded of the Blair Witch movie. I swear the movie makers had taken a recent trip to the blowhole themselves and discovered this eerie phenomenon themselves.

We read many tourist believe this has some sort of meaning to native Hawaiians, but it does not. Doesn't stop people from stacking rocks of their own.
This was also found along the way.
(I'm beginning to hear the Twilight Show theme song play in my head right about now.)

We trekked over the 'alien war-zone' landscape that looked like we were hiking through Mars.
But once we arrived, the blowhole was AWESOME and oh so worth it!

The mist from the ocean's spray would leave your lips tasting salty.

Maui is a wonderful, mystical place full of rainbows and hidden treasures.

We can not wait to go back someday.

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