March 1, 2012

woof, woof

I've been pluggin' away on this little shin dig we've been planning in honor Petite Artiste's birthday. Yesterday, I put together the favors. And, for basically throwing them together, they turned out pretty cute. I love it when things are simple and yet look fun at the same time.

I found these perfect Walkers shortbread scottie dog cookies at one of my fave shops, World Market. I saw them around the holidays and I snapped up a bunch. Good thing the expiration date is forever.

When I opened these little cuties up, the smell of butter was intoxicating. When they say "pure butter" on the box, they mean it. Believe me.

I put them in a little treat bag to keep them fresh, and added some curling ribbon. Man, I've forgotten how much I love curling ribbon. It makes everything look fancy!

In my recent attempts to organize and declutter, I stumbled across these wee boxes I've been saving for a rainy day. Love! After adding some blue tissue paper and the cookies, I decided to use even more curling ribbon.

A pattern of curling ribbon madness might be forming....