March 7, 2012

spring cleaning

These last few weeks I have been feeling uber inspired by clover lane's 40 Bags. Coupled with Pinterest and a healthy dose of that crazy show, Hoarders, all I want to do is purge, organize and repeat. I took a huge bag of junk out of the laundry room already and I'm still reeling from the high of the neatly organized cabinets above the washer and dryer.
Ever since September I have had a goal to park my car in the garage. A little slice of goodness I haven't been able to do since....ever. I've never parked a car in a garage either because I've lived in spaces that didn't include a garage, or the garage has been occupied. Like now. Currently it's habitants include an undrivable car, man gadgets and lots of lots of other stuff.
Yes, let me introduce myself. I'm "little irish" and I keep STUFF. It's horrible disease I'm trying to rid myself of. All this stuff I hold onto has been weighing me down for too long. So! I wrote myself up a little list of places I could take a bag away from. Working myself down the to biggest jobs. I've already started chipping away here and there, randomly picking areas that are quick and provide instant gratification.

1.       Boy bedroom
2.       Boy closet
3.       Boy toys
4.       Girl #1 bedroom
5.       Girl #1 closet/wardrobe
6.       Girl #1 toys
7.       girl #2 bedroom
8.       girl #2 bedroom
9.       girl #2 toys
10.   Kid bathroom/linen closet
11.   Master bathroom
12.   Master bedroom
13.   Husband clothes/dresser
14.   Toy corner (little kitchen)
15.   Book shelves
16.   Family room
17.   Game cupboard/storage
18.   Kitchen
19.   Kitchen
20.   Kitchen
21.   Refrigerator
22.   Pantry
23.   Dining room
24.   Living room
25.   Desk
26.   Craft closet
27.   Laundry room cupboard
28.   Garage
29.   Garage
30.   Garage
31.   Garage
32.   Garage
33.   Garage
34.   Shed
35.   Shed
36.   Shed
37.   Office
38.   Office
39.   Office 
40.   Office

Disclaimer: The 40 bags in 40 days is a project Clover Lane does during Lent (40 days) in which she rids her house of 40 bags of stuff. I'm not religious (and not honoring Lent) but I can appreciate the value of ridding our living spaces of unneeded, accumulated things.


Lynn said...

I hear ya, sista!!! I'm spring cleaning too. TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!

~ an irish smile said...

I have spring fever too and the desire to unclutter and organize. my hubby says I hold on to everything for too long. maybe it's an irish thing. =o)