March 28, 2012

aligning the stars

Today my horoscope read "A very positive change or a big transformation is possible for you now. This could be a positive change in yourself, or with regard to something you want that will better your life and the lives of your loved ones. The key to attaining what you want, though, is to listen very carefully to your heart."

Let me say this. I'm not a big hippie dippie, let's get together and read each other's palms sort of gal. I grew up in a town in which the local college ran very much on this belief system of everything is cool and magical, peace and love. Throw on some tie dye, brew some tea with a mixture of herbs they grew in the backyard and everything will be alright. Women wouldn't shave because they felt it was a political stance for "sticking to the man" so to speak. And, the smell of garlic mixed with incense was usually prevalent. As a whole, they were known as "greeners". Mostly because of the name of the college, but also because they were tree-hugging, earth loving peeps. Very stereotypical, I know.

So I don't trend towards that mind set, however, I like a good horoscope from time to time. I believe in fate and what's meant to be, will be. I'm a huge believer in karma. Don't mess with karma people! If I continue to put good things out there (no matter how tough that can be sometimes) eventually good things will return. Right?! That is what I tell myself anyway.

Lately, my getting a job has been on the horizon. But what kind of job? I've not worked for ten plus years. Ten years!!! Who the heck is going to hire a blogging, ex-teacher with three kids (meaning a limited schedule) and hasn't held an outside-of-house job in ten years? And, what kind of career would I even try to embark on? Go back to my roots or change it up completely?

You see, I've decided that going to back to the classroom just isn't going to float my boat any longer. Too much "other stuff" that takes away from the enjoyment I once felt being a teacher. So in many ways, I've let that ship sail. However, I think leaning on my background while going another direction is a possibility. Librarian perhaps.

Or maybe nursing.

Or (my dream) toy store owner.

With that said, I am so ready for a complete change of pace. Not just with my career of choice but a gigantic LIFE re-set. Lately, I've felt like I have no emotional attachment to my belongings or the area I live. The only thing really holding us here is Mr. Hawthorne's job. I've never truly operated out of my comfort zone. I've never not lived in my current home state. I feel the need to mix it up. Not in a little way, but in a big way.

Oh sure, I would miss my friends and my neighborhood. The thought of leaving a community behind that we finally feel apart of the community is scary and a little sad. But if we can do it here, we can do it anywhere. Right?! I think the kids are at perfect ages too. Young enough in which change wouldn't be as tough but more of an adjustment and yet old enough to enjoy the new adventures.

Lots to ponder .... stay tuned!


Carrie said...

I'm thinking that big move may be to Oregon! ;-)

little irish said...

Hee hee!! Maybe a Leeeee-ttle further away. Sniff!