March 5, 2012

who let the dogs out

No, seriously, who let them out???

Party day finally arrived and no one was more excited than this newly crowned six year old. She was so excited, in fact, she took to screaming every time a party guest arrived much to her mother's dismay. With every additional guest, more chaos ensued.

Before the party fun, I managed to snap a few pictures of the spread. I must say I very much enjoy the preparation of the parties more so than the parties themselves. My favorite part is having it all come together in an adorable final product.

We had dog bowls for chow and mini water bowls too.

The cake from Rave Bakery was better than I had hoped. Plus it was super yummy!!

We had some crazy fun party pups!

Dog house building!!

And, eating.

We can't forget the doggie disco complete with dog tricks entertained the pack. For a few.

Presents were opened.

And, birthday songs were sung.

Oh, and we can't bowls were also worn on heads.

In the end, Petite Artiste enjoyed her party to it's fullest.

And, I was dog-gone tired!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Caroline said...

Love it!